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>> he says he won't live here during his tenure and that he'll be in and out as the situation dictates. he told me he's eager to start. we'll tell but center piece of the strategy. >> oakland mayor talked with reporters about when brat onwill arrive and abc 7 news joins us live with that part of the story. nick? >> good evening, brat onwill be here but kept out of the public eye. at last night's oakland city council meeting, they approved the hiring of bill bratton. it lasted more than eight hours because hundreds of speakers turned out to both support and don condemn the man who have been a lightning road rod for controversy. chief brat oncame under fire
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for aggressive tactics. same tactics some welcomed. >> brat onis neither the devil, which is saying nor save yoer he's part of a team. he's a person who did develop common sense system. we're trying to implement. i think we can do better with. >> now, it is an accountability process working to reduce crime by better utilizing personnel and law enforcement resources. also part of a strategy that oakland police chief will introduce. the chief is is headed by bob waserman mentioning aproveal is one of only four given the green light last night. the council funding an additional police academy. the highering of 20
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technicians for field duty was approved. you're likely to see approval to hire sheriff deputies for violent suppression efforts. it's important to mex mention that city leaders were clear that chief brat onwill not attend community meetings. he's only one man on a five-person team of crime-fighting consultants. >> thank you. >> developing news in el-cerrito. two people were shot on a popular path about three hours ago. witnesses say shooters were young men wearing dark hooded sweat shirts two. schools went on lock down. no word yet on the victim
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condition. police investigating the city's second homicide of the year. a woman shot and killed in the 2600 block this afternoon. you're looking at video of the scene. police say they're trying to piece together what happened here. >> that victim was transported to the hospital pronounced dead and we're treating it as a homicide. we do not have suspects identified. we dough do not know what the motive was at this point. >> they have not yet identified a suspect police say it does not appear to be a random shooting. >> what we have a break in our january dry spe. a shower or two began falling mid day. it's the first rain we've seen in more than a week. it's a live picture now. plenty of dark clouds and a break there. abc 7 joins us with more on the rain. sandhya? >> winter living up to its
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name. i'll show you where it's raining now. most areas have reported light rainfall. third to four tenths of an inch. venato picked up four-tenths of an inch. yontville we're seeing some moderate rain right now. santa rosa seeing steady rain. some lighter rainfalling now. moving to the east bay, you can see light rains, light showers now. lafayette, highway 24 out towards walnut creek. towards south bay, not all of this is reaching the ground. i just checked some observations. like i said, not all of this is reaching the ground. a lot of this moisture that is up in the clouds.
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sheer where we stanld. santa rosa, 116% of average. san francisco, 109. we sure need moisture here, check out snow pack. we're falling behind a year ago, 33% of average. i'll be back to let you know when it will be safe to put umbrellas away. >> thank you. we'll see you then. >> apple stock value plunged by more than 10% today after the tech giant released it's earnings report. that drop wiped out a year's worth of gains. the sales growth slowed and analysts suggest apple cannot rule out new products. apple's last big splash debutted in 2010. steve jobs died in 2011. the subpoena says it has new
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innovations on the way. >> a california budget is looking good for a change. state revenues are up because of a jump in income taxes but there may be a backlash that is brewing. we're live with the story. >> republican state lawmakers believed california's higher taxes drive away successful people. now, they can point to pro golfer. >> i love this state. >> the professional golfer said he may move out of california because voter as proved a higher income tax on the wealthy. the he emphasized he shouldn't have talked about it until he had a plan in place. >> my apology is talking about publicly. because... i shouldn't take advantage of the form i have as a professional golfer to try to ignite change. over these issues.
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>> the champion said higher taxes plus an end to the bush cuts to the wealthy will take 60% of his income. >> 60% of your intum coming up? >> state republicans said i told you so. they've said higher taxes give the wealthy incentive in california. >> i just have a feeling others goring to do the same thing. >> a majority of tour players live in florida and texas. lower taxes drove this native southern california tiger woods to the sunshine state. >> i moved out of here back in what? 96, you know for that reason. >> interestingly, the tax debate heats up just as california is on track to take in $4 billion of the forecast for the had month of january. democrats say a move like this or wood stz exception rather
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than the rule. >> there is no evidence that i've seen that higher tax rates cause any kind of significant exodus of wealthier people from california. people love being in california. >> stanford study found no net affect on my graigs by the rich from california. after a 2004 millionaire's tax was passed. in fact, larry ellison and google founders still live in silicon valley. >> california budget situation will be no doubt a huge part of the state of the state address tomorrow, abc 7 thus will carry that speech to a joint section live tomorrow morning at 9:00. >> controversial safety program putting semi automatic rifles on school campuses. one school district bought 14 for use on middle and high school campuses.
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previously, officers carried just handguns. critics say new rifles have no place in schools and money could have been better spent else wr. police say they're necessary. >> it's a sad thing for society but it is. we cannot ignore it. it's a society we live in. >> if a person who has intention of coming to a kmpus to kill know we have this ar 15 they might come with something bigger or better. >> the guns are stored at police headquarters. trained officers can take them to campus. >> leon pan netta is abolishing the military ban on women in combat overturning a rule in place since 1994. might opt door for women to join elite units. the american civil liberties
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union represents two women who sued over the ban. we're going to hear from a high ranking military woman coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> secretary of state clinton clashed with republican critics today during hearings on at tack on the american consulate in libya. four americans were killed in that attack. today lawmakers zee manded answers about the september 11th attacks. republicans wanted to know why it was described as part of a protest. >> noun that that within day autos with all due respect, fact is that we have four dead americans. >> i understand. >> was it because of a protest or guys out for a walk deciding to kill americans? what difference at this point, does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator. >> the family says secretary clinton reached owl out several times to offer
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sympathyes they say they want to avoid discussion of whether security was adequate. >> there is more still to come on abc 7 news at 5:00 including hitting super bowl lottery. coming up next a mother and daughter heading to new orleans with a stowaway on board. >> a popular big game snack is going to cost you more, explaining why.
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some niners season ticket holders received a call naid been hoping forgiving them a chance to buy face value tickets to the super bowl. one lady got the call. she says she will spend $1700 for a pair of upper bowl
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tickets. she plans to bring her daughter, valerie, who, at seven months pregnant worried she may not be able to go. her doctor gave her a thumbs up to make the trip. >> healthy. you can go. she said enjoy it. once in a lifetime. have a great time. >> are you allow owed cheer? >> oh, yeah. i've been cheering. i just don't jump up up as much anymore. >> niners have 13,000 tickets to sell or hand out. the rest going families sponsors, staff, and fans who purchased travel packages. >> the super bowl bound 49ers held a full practice today following big win sunday over falcons. the game abc 7 news joins frus santa clara. wayne? >> here is the question of the day. is it possible to prepare for super bowl and just keep telling yourself it's another football game? i'm not sure about that.
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let's check the body language here at practice here. these are the 49ers practicing on a drizzly field, drills, flying footballs and a group of well paid men going about their business. insulated from a bay area filling can hopes and expectations. 49ers open their locker room for a few minutes. we had one qef a feeling it yet? 49ers have an opportunity to bring bait area a second world championship in five months. >> it becomes special with the city. but you know... we've got to prepare well. it won't be. >> now, you're here. does it feel different yet? >> no. >> i hope it doesn't change. i just want to treat this like a normal game. >> is there more pressure on you?.
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>> they always put pressure. >> that is about what fans zokt they are them say. go have one bit of interesting news. collin kaepernick wants to put a patent on kaepernicking. it's the truth. >> okay. thank you. >> and abc 7 news will be following 49ers to new orleans for the big game. larry beil, mike shumann ask cruise will be covering events. live reports from the big easy beginning next week. >> some important consumer news, figures show fewer homeowners are facing forelow sure. a report out about mortgage default autos yes this, is excellent news.
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this is one of the best signs that the danger of losing your home is subsiding. foreclosures dropped to lowest levels since twer 2006 before housing crisis hit. the research firm says there were 38,000 default notices in last quarter of 2012, down nearly 40% from the year before. analysts give credit to a sharp rise in home values tlchl is a shift towards allowing short sales of homes rather than foreclosing that. is when they're allowed to sell homes for less than they owe the bank. social services have taken a big hit in california but many family who's qualify for food stamps are not applying for them. state officials urging eligible families to apply for free groceries. the federally funded program provides cash on a debit card. family was use to it buy growries. officials said only 55% of the eligible families are using the benefits.
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>> these 45% of people actually qualify and are not receiving these this assistance that they should be receiving. you know, you'll remember we're a hunger program and nutrition program. 84% of our faces -- cases include children. >> a family of four earning less than $2500 per month can qualify. now, i posted a link with information on who is eligible. go check it out. it's at abc 7 click on 7 on your side. here is a tragedy. spicy chicken wings are a favorite at super bowl parties but with less than two weeks before the big game, bad news, chicken wings under short supply. national kk chicken council. yes there is a national chicken council sounded the alarm there. is a shortage of chickens and therefore, a shortage of wings because corn and feed prices are up, farmers are spending less that, means they're
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producing fewer birds meaning wings can be harder to find and more expensive dwhou find them. we normally eat 1.3 billion chicken wings during super bowl weekends but this year, cutting back and eating only 12 million viewer wings. there is no chip shortage, luckily. >> our guacamole. >> guacamole is in big supply. >> unbelievable. >> rain hit the ground today. >> yes. >> you know this system came in as our models indicated in afternoon we're going to continue to see rain tonight. a live picture now. you can see breezy out there. we do have clouds and some
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rainfall. be careful out there. now, let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. radar joining with the monterey national weather service radar. it's tracking moisture. don't be alarmed by this. some of you seeing some rain. north bay first and clear lake. highway 101, we're seeing rain rain. down to street level, airport boulevard around santa rosa some light returns now. showing you east bay, concord just beginning to see light rain. towards oakland area, you'll look here, bay bridge getting wet. main street, alameda, we're seeing some very light returns. light showers throughout third street and oak avenue.
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this is where not all of this is reaching grounds. people are tweeting saying it's dry out here. sans joe yeah, some of this may be reaching your area. temperatures now into the 40s and 50s. most areas into 50s today, half moon bay managed to get to 60s, we're looking at cooler pattern this weekend with possibility of rain. speaking of rain, here is our system. it has a lot of moisture with it. it's a very slow moving system. so we're going to keep rain drops in the forecast. into wee hours of the morning we'll have some wet roadways and we'll see partial afternoon clearing that system just starts to shift and fall apart.
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so latter part of the community will be just fine. temperatures milder so afternoon hours coming up into upper 50s to low 60s. later in the day you'll see more clearing and around the bay, low to mid-60s for your thursday afternoon. here is the accu-weather forecast. dry, cooler. going into friday. chance of showers saturday sunday, mid-50s so on the cool side throughout monday. temperatures coming up a few degrees tuesday and wednesday. mostly sunny skies. sunday, computer models in disagreement. thanks sandhya. >> just ahead burn ntd usa. unusual art exhibit that went up in flames in a gallery.
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>> new at 6:00 a new venue for all that have jazz. we're live for grand opening of the lincoln
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the american civil liberties union demanding state education officials take action to ensure school districts are teaching english to nonenglish speaking children, claiming about a quarter of the school districts are violating state and federal laws by failing to provide english language instruction to students who need it. saying it will file a lawsuit unless classes are provided to 20,000 students within 30 days. a state education official says california is needing it's obligation autos san francisco district attorney is considering filing charges against an artist whose creation almost burned down a building. it happened last night in an art gallery. french artist created a map on the wall from 50,000 matches. idea to light it then create a slow burn but flames went out of control, shot into the ceiling, firefighters managed
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to put it out before it could cause more damage. >> oh, my. it turns out the fireball that lit up bay area skies last week is actually a comet. take a look. hundreds of people reported seeing the fireball. a scientist says that it was a comet entering just north of yosemite. it burned up over lake tahoe turning into dust skb gas. turning into dust skb gas. e w eltryeantryean ge, ,r-ss
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owi ve s,rsclto, y reoun'p yean turning into dust skb gas. e w eltryeantryean ge, ,r-ss
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coming up, 49ers warm up for the super bowl front office made a big announcement about the new stadium soon to be one of the most environmentally friendly sports convenient use in the country and a new insurance requirement changing where hiv patients get medications if
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they're not happy bit. and a test ride on the ellipito. oprah loves hers. its coming up at 6:00. >> that is a lot of work. >> yes. >> well, athletics are covered in this year's california hall of fame. >> yes. they were announced today former 49ers quarterback is just one of seven receiving the honor. >> other inductees include actor warren baity. designers charles and ray aemes. >> movie pioneers, and congratulations everybody. >> world news is next. i'm cheryl jengs. >> from all of u this is "world news." tonight, right to fight. the big surprise today.
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after centuries, allowing women in combat. why did the obama administration change? why lift the ban now? and what's the real story about carrying all that heavy equipment? last stand. secretary hillary clinton, filled with fiery emotion in her last appearance before congress. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> the indignation. and then, the tears in her eyes. >> i put my arms around the mothers and fathers and the wives left alone to raise their children. frozen solid. a nation so cold, a worker 200 feet above ground is rescued, unable to get down. so cold out there, a banana turns into a hammer. and, in his own words. manti te'o with katie couric. his first on-camera interview after the hoax. >> this girl, who i committed myself to, died on september 12th.

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